Chickpea pancakes

2019-09-20 19:22 #0 by: Tealover

I came across these pancakes for about two weeks ago and since them they are a favorite at home. They are cheap, vegetarian, gluten free, simple, fast and yummie.

2 Portions (4 pancakes)

1½ dl chickpea flour
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
2 ml cinnemon (the original recipie was savory so then they contained cumin)
3 tbsp oil (half in the mix and half for the frying)
1½ dl water.

mix the dry ingredients. Add the water and half of the oil and mix.

heat a frying pan and ad the oil. Fry the pancakes, this batch makes four so they are smaller than crepes (but thicker) but biger (but thinner) than american pancakes.
You can turn the pancakes when the surface looks "dry".

Serve either with fruit, berries, suryp or similar or make the savory ones and serve with a salad.

2019-09-20 21:23 #1 by: Evelina

Perfect! Ive had a bag of chickpea flour sitting in my pantry with no idea what to do with it

Looking forward to trying this out 😍

2019-09-21 09:10 #2 by: Leia

I'm always looking to find the best pancake recipe, can't wait to give this a go! Is gram flour the same as chickpea flour?

All the best, Leia

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2019-09-21 09:52 #3 by: Tealover

#2 it seems so, I have never heard of that before (probebly since I'm Swedish)


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