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Fresh Celery Green Apple Juice

2019-01-26 20:20 #0 by: Evelina

I’ve been obsessed with juicing during this month!

I’ve been making all sorts of different combos but my favorite has to be simply a head of celery and 4 green apples. I make this every second day and it makes about two large glasses.

Sometimes I add other things that we have left over from the week, such as spinach, ginger, bok choy, green grapes, cucumber, and romaine lettuce.

What’s your favorite juice recipe?


2019-01-27 00:49 #1 by: Leia

I really love mango, spinach with a little bit of banana and water! It's super healthy and less fatty if you were to use milk/yoghurt. 

I would have thought the celery would have been too overbearing for a smoothie?

All the best, Leia

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2019-01-27 10:17 #2 by: Evelina

Well it’s juice rather than a smoothie. It’s very fresh tasting and the green apple sweetens it up nicely 🙂 I don’t mind the celery taste at all actually but I would imagine only veg wouldnt be that good.

2019-01-27 17:39 #3 by: jordan

Sounds refreshing! I like fewer ingredients in mine, banana and raspberry I find work well together Glad

2019-02-05 15:58 #4 by: =^_^=

How do you make it?

2019-02-05 16:34 #5 by: Evelina

#4 I have a juicer. So all I do is wash the veggies and fruit. And put them in the juicer and turn it on. The juicer we have is a Philips. I believe it is this one, but ours is several years old.

2019-03-19 07:39 #6 by: =^_^=

I've actually thought about getting a juicer for a long time, especially last summer when all the apples on my apple tree went to waste. And I was reminded of it the last time I saw this post, and now I've actually bought a slow juicer! I want to focus on green juices but I've made more fruit based ones.. oops.

The celery+apple+ginger was pretty good, but I probably used more way more apples than celery. Another one I liked a lot was red beetroot+apple+ginger+carrot. You could probably take away the carrot and it would still be the same. I've also tried juicing red grapes only, which was unbelievably sweet. And then the standard stuff like pure apple and pure orange. And maybe something else. I don't remember.

I would love to hear more recipes you've all tried! Get some inspiration :-)

2019-03-19 08:13 #7 by: Evelina

One of my favs used be beetroot and carrot! But I found out Im allergic to beetroot. I like to add black kale or spinach, cucumber, green apple and/or pears. Ive also done more tropical green smoothies with pineapple, banana, spinach, and kale. I really like carrot and orange juice too that is a go-to for me, especially blood orange.

2019-03-19 08:42 #8 by: =^_^=

Oh, I feel sorry for you. Beetroots are the best :-(
I actually didn't like carrot juice, not by itself anyway. Maybe it would be good together with the beetroot or orange. I will try it! I tried juicing one of the few things I had home when I first got the juicer.. cucumber.. I thought it would be flavourless but oh no, there was a strong flavour alright, haha. I haven't tried it since, even if I know it would be completely different together with other fruits and vegetables.

2019-03-19 08:58 #9 by: Evelina

I know, and since I am vegetarian, it is often in things when I go out to eat 😂 I always forget to check before I order. Thankfully, I am not super allergic and I can usually just pick around it. But I do miss beets!

I think plain carrot juice is a little boring, definately needs a little something to help the flavor!

2019-03-19 21:59 #10 by: Maleficum

My brother recently bought a juicer and I love to try a carrot juice that you could by a few years back in the store and that I really liked but I don't know how much of everything to use :/

I know it was carrots, oranges and lemon in it (but I would also like to add ginger). How much of each thing would you use? (Don't like "pure" carrot juice so not to much carrots :P).


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