2018-09-20 17:50 #0 by: Tealover

Food Savvity have some site rules. This is a way for us to be able to get along as smoothly as possible. You can read the site rules here.

First and foremost savvitys rules of conduct always apply.

If you want to read savvitys rules of conduct you can read them here.

At Food savvity we have these extra rules to prevent bad atmosphere.

  • Respect each other, and each others food choices as long as you follow the rules everyone's welcome
  • Host and moderators have the right to change or delete posts without warning or explanation and without the post authors consent
  • Take all advertising, and everything that can be misread as advertising with the host before posting.
  • All racism, sexism, homophobia and similar isms is prohibited. All are welcome here no matter your color, sex or sexual orientation. The host and moderators have the right to decide on whats against the rules and erase it.
  • Comments on moderation are not allowed in threads, take those discussions in private messages

Please remember

  • Write good headlines, With good headlines it will be easier to get good answers
  • Do not use pictures and texts (this can sometimes also apply to recipes) that you don't have any rights to use. 
  • All your post will be visible for others on the internet, not only members

These rules are in place to make the community more pleasant for all of us

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash