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A internet forum is a organic thing, growing and changing all the time. But now when I start this, this is how I think of how you can navigate Food Savvity.

The categories


Here is where you find post that preferly is easy to find, like the site rules, this post and things like that. Only the host and moderators can decide what post you acn find here.

Latest discussions

Here you can find the discussins in chronological order.

My posts

Here you can find the post that you have startedor replied.


Here you can find the post you bookmark (hover with the mouse in the right corner in the post in the desktop site to bookmark a post).

About Food Savvity and the Savvity network

Here you can find information, ask qusetions and so on about the forum itself. This post will end up there for example.

Grains, potatoes and other starchy foods

If you want to know how to make the perfect boild potatoe, want to share your favorite risotto recipie etc you can look here.

Veggies, beans and other green foods

If you want to know more about any food from plats or (despite the name) mushrooms you can find and post it here.

Fish and seafood

This one is all about the food from the sea, lakes and rivers .

Fowl and eggs

the featherd favorite food and their roundish partner have their own space here.

Red meat and processed meat

Beef, pork, sausage, lamb and other meats is something you can write and read about here.

Dairy and dairy-like foods

It doesn't matter if you are a milk lover or if you prefer soy milk. Here is the place where you can read and write about both.

Baking in all forms

Cakes, tarts, biscuits, bread or whatever you can think of baking! Here's the place for it!

Making sweets, desserts and similar foods

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Welcome in.

The things we drink

There are many things we drink, here's the place to extinguish the thirst.

Fermented foods

Fermented foods is something you can find around the globe. An you can also find it here at Food Savvity.

Food and Health

Food and health goes together like two peas in a pod. Oh, and you can also write and read about bad food and what that can do to the body. Or foods you might be allergic too and so on.

The processes and tools of cooking

What is deep frying? What kind of pan is the best to use? What is your favorite pot? This and more is some of the things that can be discussed here.

Media and celebs on food

What have great cookbooks, world famous chefs and the Nobel price dinner menu in common? This discussion category of coarse.

Other things about food

Haven't you found the best place to write yet? Then maybe this category is the best one.

Off Topic

Do you want to write about other things than food? Here's the place

Of course, some subjects can be hard to find the correct category for. Tofu for example, is it best in veggies or dairy? Dot worry, put it where you think it's best.