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What is your favorite cooking pot?

2018-09-24 12:00 #0 by: Tealover

What is your favorite cooking pot?

Why is it your favorite? How did you get/buy it? How is it? And I want to see pictures!

My favorite is a medium sized cast iron pot that's not too heavy and a good size for everyday cooking. It used to be my grandmothers and it might just be older than that considoring how thin the cast iron is in some places after years of cooking.

It's also a good shape for cooking fish.

and I'm sorry that you have to see all the mess but well, I cook messy.

2018-09-24 13:43 #1 by: Niklas

I think this Anders Petter stainless steel non-stick pot is my current favorite. It’s got a thick bottom that spreads heat evenly.


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